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Ketchikan Public Utilities
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1065 Fair Street
225-5505 (Office)
225-4011 (24-Hour Outage Calls)


Energy Saving Tips:

1. CFL's - Saving you money

2. Energy Audits - Learn where to save

3. Programmable Thermostats Conserve Electricity

4. Weatherizing Your Home Prevents Energy Loss

5. Smart Insulating Tips

6. Save Big With Wise Window Weatherization

7. Tips for Energy Savvy Doors

8. Efficient Water Heater Pointers

9. Inexpensive Solutions for Conserving Water

10. Timers and Occupancy Sensors Make a Difference

11. Get the Most Savings from Outdoor Lighting

12. Twelve Laundry Tips to Save You Money

13. Ten Cooking tips

14. LED Christmas Lights

15. The Right Refrigerator and Freezer Can Save You Money

16. Efficient Dishwasher Usage Can Save You Money

17. Energy-Use Chart for Your Appliances

18. Energy Efficiency vs. Conservation

19. Idle Appliances Cost You Money

20. Energy Conscious Behaviors

21. Energy Star Appliances Save you Money

22. Home Improvements That Save you Money

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